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In the mean time please review the available courses we offer.

Technical Rescue

  1. Heavy Equipment & Rigging Specialist, 32 hours , 4 day  (includes OSHA Lift Truck/Tele-Lift Certification)

Aviation/Helicopter Rescue  (H.A.R.T. Program)

  1. Helicopter Rescue Technician, Basic Training (60 hr course)

  2. Helicopter Rescue Technician, refresher (semi annual)

  3. Helicopter Crew Chief, hoist operations, basic and advanced

  4. Helicopter Dunker/HEEDs training

  5. Helicopter Air crew coordination for hoist, haul and rescue operations

Flood/Swiftwater Rescue

  1. Flood/swift water rescue awareness (also online)

  2. Flood/swift water rescue technician (Level 1)

  3. Flood/swift water rescue advanced (Level 2)

  4. Flood/swift water boat operator, 32 hour, 3 days (meets/exceeds FEMA requirements)

  5. Water survival and aircraft ditching